Metapopulation model for Assessing Spatial and Temporal Effects of


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Van den Brink, P.J., J. M. Baveco, (2008).
An individual based model to predict recovery of aquatic invertebrates folowing pesticide stress.
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Van den Brink, P.J., J. Verboom, J. M. Baveco and F. Heimbach, (2007).
An individual-based approach to model spatial population dynamics of invertebrates in aquatic ecosystems after pesticide contamination.
Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 26: 2226-2236.
Grimm, V., Berger, U., Bastiansen, F., Eliassen, S., Ginot, V., Giske, J., Goss-Custard, J., Grand, T., Heinz, S.K., Huse, G., Huth, A., Jepsen, J.U., Jorgensen, C., Mooij, W.M., Muller, B., Pe'er, G., Piou, C., Railsback, S.F., Robbins, A.M., Robbins, M.M., Rossmanith, E., Roger, N., Strand, E., Souissi, S., Stillman, R.A., Vabo, R., Visser, U., DeAngelis, D.L., 2006.
A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based models.
Ecological Modelling 198, 115-126.

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